Knight of Cups, Today's Journey Tarot


Theme: "expansion" (a deck created by Expanding Dimensions) or "one day at the time"

Deck: Today's Journey Tarot
Card: Youth of Water (R)
Keywords "Outpouring of love, Emotional intensity"
"The youth of Water celebrates life. He is in love with love. The blue waves represents emotion. He is a romantic  dreamer who rides them without fear. Even though his emotions may crash he does not care or is not aware. He is along for the ride. The white surfboard that supports him represents the purity of the Youth's emotions. His intent is pure but irresponsible. The right or giving hand is in the water to express his need to give love.
In a reading, this card could represent either a person (male or female) or a situation. The person is someone who celebrates life to the fullest and at times reckless with his emotions and the emotions of others. It could suggest an irresponsible lover.
"Proceed with caution or just enjoy the ride."