Knight of Pentacles, Beauty of Horror Tarot


Let the Universe make the calls. You don't have to "make others pay" (for what they did).
You just mind your own business! 
Have boundaries of course, but just don't become the police, "who knows best", and know what all the others should or shouldn't do.
Have you seen things from their perspective? Do you know what they've been through? Do you understand why they do what they do?

You responsibility is to live YOUR life as best as you can, and be the best version of yourself any given moment. 
Act from love rather than fear.
And not judge others for where they are at on their life path.

Of course you have to say NO sometimes. But as Eckhart Tolle says - make it a "high quality no"!
There's no need for shame or blame. 
No more of that needed in the world.
The world needs more understanding and compassion.

Relax, breathe, there's more to life than your perceived horror!

The Beauty of Horror Tarot
Theme: "Don't take yourself so seriously!"

Card: Knight of Pentacles (R)
"...upholds the shield of power and authority" The know it all. The victim. The controller.
"upholds law and order, even if he does not really believe in them" The ego overrides the soul - fear overtakes love. 
But the ego is losing it's grip!
Reversed "Someone who's began to doubt his purpose" Maybe you don't have to (re)act the way you've always did? Out of pure reflex. How cool! Rise above. Level up.