Knight of Pent's + Eight of Pent's, Lost Code + Silicon Dawn


Themes: "Once buried, but found again" + "nonchalance, mishmash, thoughtlessness"

I think: "proceed slowly, expect delayed results/progress" regarding finding the buried soul of this rather (unconsciously) "thoughtless, nonchalant" man, acting in the same way, having a mishmash of mismatching opinions matching the ditto actions. The swiftness-keyword being an "un-suiting" interpretation of P8, as well as the choice to have pentacles represent fire..! P8 is in my book (and many others) a card of steady work, or "Apprenticeship, repetitive tasks, mastery, skill development" as Biddy writes. This card interpretation is just about as "stressed" as this particular man's interpretation of how to master something - just do it! None or little preparation, non or little forethought. Energies all over the place, or nowhere. 

Lost Code of the Tarot: Knight of Pentacles (R)
Silicon Dawn Tarot: Eight of Pentacles (R) - Swiftness(!)

Or it's just reminding ME not to be to hasty in my new undertaking :)