Knight of Pent's + Six of Wands, Magic Manga + Gay


Themes: "adult comic" + "Face yourself" 

'It's beginning to look like a joke, take some responsibility for your shit!' 
'Boy in an adult's body, grow up!'

Magic Manga Tarot: Knight of Pentacles (R)
"Stagnation, carelessness, inertia, limited dogmatic views, idleness"
Gay Tarot: Six of Wands - The Parade
"Appreciation for those who stand up for them self. The courage of one's convictions. Admiration, acclaim, pride." In my own way I stand up for myself. I'm showing (being) unconditional love as much as I can muster my strength and courage to. That doesn't mean that I stand by quietly and lovingly support continued carelessness, idleness, stagnation, and such. Slowly, to the best of my ability, I'm lifting up a mirror, and I walk away moments when the idleness, stagnation and carelessness begin to feel contagious or when it transforms into disrespect. I'm beginning to call the cards (!) and reveal that I'm quite the poker player, with card counting abilities, when it comes to the game of life. "You can run, but you can't hide..."
I'm really focused on not judging or scolding - mainly because I really want to eradicate such behaviour from my repertoire. But also because that would be the path of fear, and I want to travel the path of love. I want to walk the path of love for my own good, as it has become my conviction (by knowledge, and experience) that it's the most efficient and harmonious choice, and because I think it's a part of my calling. "Teaching/inspiring by example".
I can never make another person change, but I can inspire them to want it - for change to be effective and lasting it has to come from deep inside, from choice, and from some form of awareness and true desire. I can inspire an motivate to that - but I can't create it.
I can inspire by standing up for myself and my convictions in a calm and compassionate manner. Sometimes this means to momentarily walk away, often it means to stay quiet. But occasionally it means to speak up - which also can, and probably should, be done in a calm and compassionate manner. This shows respect and acceptance, and therefore (I'm experiencing) builds trust. 
Trust paves the way for success (Parade) - Six of Wands.
Success in this case could be sown Seeds of Change in another, having inspiring another to begin mustering the courage to face at least some aspects of oneself - to become a more responsible person, become more methodical and laborious (The Upright Knight). 
But whether or not I'm successful in inspiring others to face themselves, I can (and are) quite successful in facing my own shit - when not acting out irritation over others not facing their shit..!!! But instead chose to transform it into personal growth - and love, for myself and others. By learning to know when to walk away from The Reversed Knight, when to stay quiet, when to show support, when to speak up - and how.
More and more I'm learning what "stand up for yourself and your convictions" mean. And it's very little about Parading, large signs and noise, if you ask me :)
But "reining instincts" (horse riding) sure is a part of it!