Knight of Swords + Ace of Wands, Motherpeace + Erotic Manara


Themes: "staying strong in your womanhood/femininity" + "exposure", "dare to be seen"

Motherpeace Tarot: Son of Swords
"An idea; tendency to be too mental; detachment from the heart"
I see "eyes fixed on the shiny". I see "trampled roses" and a dead bird. 
I often see, feel and experience how this 'Son of Swords' finds emotions and feelings challenging, and so often he runs of hunting, and he definitely has a quite unhealthy relationship with and view on money.
Erotic Manara Tarot: Ace of Wands (R)
"Passion, creation, budding"
I have the feelings (wish?) that things are changing, with my rather unorthodox way of exposing things, and as I expose myself - emotionally and, maybe even more, physically. The more I expose in a physical way, the more he have the courage to expose emotionally? 
But it's a slow progress (reversed). It's two steps forward, 1 step back. Or rather (the feeling of) 1 step forward, 3/4 step back! Slow, but steady, isn't it?
It's so hard to truly know, when the steps are so small, and subtle. When the progress is placed more below the surface than above, and when the things in the visible world (in form of actions and words) don't keep up with the progress occurring in the inner world!