Knight of Swords, Secret Tarot


Theme: I think I bought the deck as plainly symbolising "secret (concealed) matters", but the box says "78 steps in the concealed face of life for revealing every hidden secret"

Should something be kept a secret, or should something secret be revealed one might ask?

One possible reflection:
In any case of uncertainty - remain quiet.
As in "only act from a place of calmness (love) - not when in the grip of emotions" (as far as possible).
As in having "Keeping Still, don't even move your toes" as an I Ching "birth sign".

Another possible reflection:
I now have the opportunity to reveal hidden secrets (fears) inside me. 
A continuation of yesterday's subject. 
For the time being I'm given the opportunity to face "an old version of myself", aka old buried, hidden, well concealed fears. 
And these are the once that should be investigated and revealed - instead of getting lost in the outside events/persons that triggered them. 

So, to summarise, I feel that it is about "outwardly keeping quiet and still (not act or react to triggers) - and inwardly taking steps to reveal the concealed".
As mentioned yesterday: not putting too much focus on the triggers, but more on what it triggers. Not trying to "fix the uncomfortable situation" - but rather "fix (calm/heal) the inner turmoil". Especially so when the situation involves not only 'stuff', but also other persons - that is, another piece of consciousness/unconsciousness with other experiences and perspectives than I, which I know very little about. 
So instead of pulling my hair over how that piece of the consciousness/unconsciousness looks, works, feels, and why "it" does or doesn't, and how "it" thinks - I should of course focus on my part of the consciousness, and maybe even more on revealing more and more of my unconscious (fears triggered by that other piece of the consciousness/unconscious)!

I should not try to "fix" the discomfort of the situation (especially as it might just be me who feels the discomfort), but rather heal the cause of the discomfort in myself. Neither should I - especially not when possessed by fear - try to analyse or "fix" another persons actions/behaviour, especially when fairly unknown (if not explicitly asked to help), to accommodate my wants and needs (especially when my true needs are drowned by desires and cravings from highly activated Frightened Parts of my Personality).

It's all SO easy in theory ;)

P.S. I know I've used the word 'especially' very many times. Usually I try not to repeat words, but instead use synonyms or similar words, but this is on purpose. I felt the need to repeat the word especially to myself for some reason.


Card: Knight of Swords
The Swords suit: "The kingdom of Sorrow"
"Rest now knight. Someone is waiting for you, filled with anxiousness and with the pain of grieving, and you are still alive. You must now face the long journey home. The wind is blowing against you and you don't know whether the glare behind you is the light of the dawn or of the sunset."
"However, after enduring a long winter, and arriving when night has fallen, there is still someone waiting for you. No light is shining, except for the moon, but a friendly hand drives you along the insidious path."
"The sword in the stone will remind your son that nothing but violence can be bred by violence and nothing but sorrow can be bred by sorrow. Brandishing the sword of power won't give anything but power."
Knight of Swords "courage, youth, energy"

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