Knight of Swords, Sirian Starseed Tarot


Theme: "a word from the collective unconscious"

Card: Adept of Orbs ('Knight of Swords')
Suit of Orbs:
"...orbs, floating and light at times, weighty and oppressive at others."
"...reflects thought and the mental body; it embodies the experience of communicating those thoughts to others and recognizing the challenges the mind creates. Within each orb is held an aspect or perception that is the product of one's own thought processes." I perceive Him as My Knight...! 
Adept: "The Adept is well along the path of self-discovery, having learned much about his sphere of influence but still lacking maturity. He can be mesmerized by his own wisdom, a sign of unresolved ego, just as he can be reflective about the deeper meaning of his field of experience." I've come quite a bit on my path of self-discovery with regards to perception and my thoughts. Sometimes my ego certainly I thinks I'm smart as hell, and want to lecture and effect other peoples thinking and perception in an aggressive or offensive way. But more and more often I can remain in the reflective state, and focus on listening and learning - even when (especially when) others think and do differently than I would. I have also changed my my way of communication a great deal.