Knight of Swords + Ten of Cups, Shadowscape + Art of Love


Theme: can't really tell the theme of Shadowscape, but it somehow represents "who I want to be" I think + The Art of (true/unconditional) Love

I want to be and show the unconditional love I am

Shadowscape Tarot: Knight of Swords
"He does not let emotion come between him and his purpose. Emotion in his matters is extraneous, muddying what is obvious, allowing room for doubt or fear. An emotionless knight is fearless, invincible, and does not acknowledge the possibility of defeat." This is pretty much a role I play now..! Total detachment from doubting feelings and fear. Action base on faith. And...mustering of unconditional love.
"He does not back down once he has engaged, for he knows no other option than victory."
Art of Love Tarot: Ten of Hearts ('Ten of Cups')
"All resistance has melted away to reveal a clear path for you to feel and be love in every moment. Congratulations!"
"A goddess lies upon her sea of love under a full moon of celebration. All is possible in this loving, easy space. She does not feel exposed or vulnerable in her nakedness, but confident, open and sincere in her devotion to heal all. She has healed herself and has moved beyond fear into love. The hearts are symbolic of the love she has found for herself. She is becoming what she feels and knows. All resistance to love melts away into the calm waters of restoration. Struggle and fear has transformed into green, healing energy that flows into a great, healing ocean for the benefit of all. Can you feel it?"
"The Ten of Hearts heralds a time of expansion, satisfaction and great love. Your goals are beginning to take shape in your physical world. Take a breath, catch up with all you have created and share this good fortune with your family and loved ones. Pause to honour your accomplishments and you will become even more solid within yourself. A newfound confidence brings ease and acceptance, which has begun to flow into your outside world. You have arrived at a new place, old ways have fallen away. You are becoming the love you are."