Knight of Wands, Healing Earth Tarot


Theme: "healing Earth, one human at the time (starting with oneself)"

Deck: Healing Earth Tarot
Card: Man of Wands (R)
A ritual dancer, "...expresses his exuberance for life in wild and passionate movements."
Accompanied by two snakes representing fertility and sexual energy.
In a reading, "...signals a time of lively energy, a joyful return of the body's fire. To allow this energy to flow more freely"

And if you don't really feel this 'rush of energies' (reversed), is it that this fire energy is blocked, or is it still just a little early to 'express it'?

I think about a tomato looking red and ripe, but not having the softness of a fruit ready for harvest.
Or, ready to be picked anyway and let ripen in a sunny place inside, as to promote the ripening of the other tomatoes on the plant?
(Yes, I happen to have tomato plants :))

Suggesting taking some steps, but not all, and not the "big ones"?
Taking some steps, but no "final decisions"?

Which steps?!
Consult your intuition, ask your Tarot cards, or 'read the signs' in Your life, for further guidance!
In what direction does it seem like the energy wants to flow?
Follow it!
(note to self: be careful not to mistake your thoughts/wishes of your head/ego for 'this life energy' to follow) 


I have learned (the "hard way") that I feel a lot more harmonious when a 'let things happen', rather than 'make things happen'. Experience have really showed me that I truly don't know what 'makes me happy'! The Universe on the other hand, does!
Therefore, nowadays, I rather co-create with the Universe (and others) than 'take the bull by the horns', which we are often told/raised to do these times. 
To paraphrase Marianne Williamson, it's actually quite suicidal to 'take the bull by the horns' (: