Knight of Wands + Queen of Cups, Light Seer's + Medicine Woman


Again one of those days when I feel good at and for...nothing. 

Themes: "lessons comes from both the light and shadow sides of our natures" + "In the Service of Healing"

The Light Seer's Tarot: Knight of Wands
"Shadow Seer: unfocused energy, self-sabotage with fiery emotions, recklessness, the need for more self-awareness"
"The Knight of Wands gallops in and out of your reading with messages of adventure, of impulsivity, and of bravely pursuing the things that inspire you the most."
"In shadow, this card counsels against reckless impulsivity and heated outbursts. You don't want all that pent up creative energy to spontaneously combust! Fan the flames and leave some energy for the long haul. Make your passion work for you, while whooshing yourself towards success."
Medicine Woman Tarot: Nurturing Lodge of Bowls (Queen of Cups)
"Nurture your spiritual family"