Lend a Hand + The Star, Answer Is Simple + True Black


Themes: The Answer Is Simple + "the pitch dark unknown"

The Answer Is Simple: Lend a Hand
"The greatest expression of Spirit is to love and serve others, and your Spirit is now called upon to do so."
But "Don't mistake service with rescue: To serve is an act of great spiritual power, born of love and focused on empowering others; rescue, on the other hand, is born of a fearful ego and keeps both you and others enslaved to weakness."
"Don't allow your ego to distract from true service and compassion by rushing in to rescue others without the intention or thought to empower them." The intention of love and Authentic Power (Gary Zukav terms), for yourself and for others.
A message enforced by the guiding card:
True Black Tarot: The Star
"Hope, Guidance"
"...the bringer of hope and light in the dark."
"For those on a journey, the light of her stars illuminate the way."

Interesting cards to receive when you are totally drained out of energy, and just want to lay down, again...!