Man of Pipes + 2 of Wands, Healing Earth + Toth


Themes: "Healing Earth, one human at the time - starting with myself" + "higher calling"

Healing Earth: Man of Pipes 
"The minor arcana in the Healing Earth deck comprise six suits instead of the usual four."
Pipes "representing healing/herbal lore and wood
Man of Pipes "Wearing the green of growing things and at home with the trees, the Man of Pipes is a magical being, an elf man, or faery. Unseen by the average human, he works his glamour amid the whispering of the leaves. He is the Green Man fabled in many areas of England, and brought into human stories as Robin of the Hood."
"In a reading, the Man of Pipes symbolizes an ancient masculine link to Earth. This male energy touches the mystery of the feminine receptive force within the silence of the forest- He is aware of the need of a man to know the many little sounds of life awakening in the environment of the trees."
"The Man of Pipes would teach other men the way to the silence of the woods. He would tell them to open their hearts, so that the birds, flowers, plants, and rocks might share their secret peace with them."

Aleister Crowley Toth Tarot: Two of Wands - Dominion
"Large objects will be divided into "small," into manageable pieces! "Divide and conquer" is the motto in a figurative sense: Take small steps towards big goals."
"The wands represent the driving force of energy and the need for self-development. Two wands represent polarities that can reciprocally obstruct or strengthen one another. How do you deal with conflicting motives and goals - with important interests and intentions, which are controversial within the self or between you and others?"
"...something new develops that only you can discover."

Love "Energy work - opposing impulses and overlapping interests are to be skillfully managed, especially within partnerships. This is now less a matter of discussion than of careful consideration and fact."
Happiness "Wait until your view of things becomes rounded and until your decision is definite. Then do not wait any longer! Act will all your might, and luck will be with you."
Success "Only those who are able to be a beginner again can learn to master their craft."