Narrow Pathway + The Tower, Sacred Traveler + Heart of Stars


Themes: life is a spiritual quest + spotlight

"At every turn on your path, you have a sacred companion at your side, giving you powerful advice. This loving escort is akin to your soul; it's your Sacred Traveler."

"The Sacred Traveler constantly whispers to you - through signs, synchronicity, and symbols around you"

"Your life and the experiences you have are not an accident - there's a plan for you, and you have a destiny."
(from Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards booklet)

Sacred Traveler: Narrow Pathway - Tread thoughtfully
"Do not make any quick decisions. Think things through. Tread carefully. If you rush into anything, there are potential difficulties. Keep very focused and don't allow yourself to get distracted. Your project will succeed, if you go slowly. The relationship will grow, but don't be in a hurry. Let it all emerge in its own time. Be thoughtful in all areas of your life."
Heart of Stars Tarot: The Tower
"...of Mordor"
"...associated with with a process of change that involves chaos and disruption, it is a necessary shock."
"Your foundations are being shaken and you are forced to think in a new way."
"The Tower tells you to shake things up a bit, go past your comfort zones, destroy the foundations of your beliefs and experience new things, a new vision."