Nine of Cups + King of Cups, Chrysalis + Dream Raven


Theme: "budding transformation" + "carrier of messages for the soul"

Chrysalis Tarot: Nine of Mirrors ('Nine of Cups') - Joy
The flowers "...invite you to make a wish - the Nine of Mirrors is Chrysalis Tarot's wish card!!"
Dream Raven Tarot: King of Cups
"Anyone caught to be the object of this King's fancy is surely a most fortunate person. The King is ever attentive as he endeavors to make life blissful and happy to all those he values in his life. Seeing that others are happy fills him with a sense of fulfillment and contentment that continues to keep his spirits uplifted through any of life's bumps in the road. Admittedly, he does not want to be the one in charge, instead allowing others too take the lead or give him a task to achieve, provided if he senses that it will enhance another's level of positive feelings, he will put all of his effort into it to achieve."
"The focus of this card is content. If you find yourself harnessing the energy of this King, you may notice that people will flock towards you, as you have the ability to help them achieve a sense of self-worth, appreciation, and general happiness. You are content in what you have to offer and are accepting of the mistakes in others. There is no size limit on your heart as you will always be out there standing up for the little guy, animals included."