Nine of Cups, Linestrider Tarot


Theme: "walking the line, The Razor's Edge (on the box: the edge of magic and logic)"

You've got this! 
Now you're in "the zone" - when you can manage to find and walk that fine line balancing magic and logic!
Sensing what needs to be done, feeling the order to do it, and managing to do it from that awesome connected place.

Card: Nine of Pentacles
"...a minor arcana pip card but has a power and presence that rivals any of the queens"
"...describes a self-contained and self-motivated individual."
"...a keen eye and clear intellect as well as the kind of predatory instincts that serve a person well in business."
"...the rewards of self-development."
"...understanding your power, knowing yourself, and developing the ability to stand strong on your own."