Nine of Cups, True Black Tarot


Theme: "in true darkness (unknown/new territory) you must navigate by the stars (as you have no 'experience' to trust or go by)"

It's not how you 'imagined it' and maybe not at all what you 'wished for', but you begin to deeply feel that "it's actually what I need"...! 
A more frequent experience of "If I let go, and let God", things have a mysterious way of unfolding and working their selves out - not in one of All The Ways your head thought of (and thought you wished), but a totally different (and most probably unpredictable) way, that turned out to be The BEST way!
A growing sense of "If I loosen the grip, that which belongs to me comes (back)/remain" - and that which don't, you can see/feel why it shouldn't, and peacefully let go. Maybe not without emotions, but with peace.

Card: Nine of Cups (R)
(An Arctic fox, and glasses of wine and berries - all of them interestingly enough very topical symbols in my life right now)
"...represents a wish come true."
Maybe you don't feel it, but in some strange way you sense wishes are coming true for you.
Or, can take comfort in a knowing that this is how it is.
Maybe not "out there", but within (reversed) you. Great things are happening and growing within you.
Things might go slowly, take strange routes, in the outside world - but it's exactly what you need for your (spiritual/personal) growth.
You might not know how or why, but you know.


I've always had the saying, "be careful what you wish for (you just might get it)" close to the surface in my head.
I've always been acutely but diffusely aware of 'I don't know what's best for me'. Finally I'm beginning to understand the deep truth in that!
To my head's dispraise. 

I have a strong Mars opposing a lonely Moon.
I have a horoscope turned 'up-side-down', with Aries where Libra 'should be'.
I will probably always feel more or less "at odds with myself".

Everything is in order, and perfect as it is!