Nine of Pentacles, Erotic Manara Tarot


Dare to show that nice ass of yours?! =D

Or something like that! 
I admittedly don't really know how to interpret this rendering of P9.

But we have the deck of 'exposure' and we have the card of 'self-sufficiency' - reversed.

We've had a week of resistance, primarily of doing what needs to be done - involving new things, new territory, learning, responsibility.
Yesterday we had 'you don't have to be on top of your game all the time', like when you're in the process of learning and/or working out stuff 'inside'. That you're allowed to (need to) preserve your energy a bit, and use it wisely and focused.
But that doesn't mean that you should hide!
Withdrawal does not have to equal hiding :)

 So, even though you might have "SO much to learn", "much left to do before..." - don't hide what you already have, know and ARE :)
YOU are always enough, despite the things that still remains undone in your life.

We're all here to learn and grow.
You wouldn't BE here if there were not things for you to learn and experience!

Deck: Erotic Manara Tarot
Theme: "exposure"
Card: Nine of Pentacles (R)