Nine of Pentacles, PoMo Tarot


Theme: "navigating the next millennium/the future"

PoMo two draws in a row.
And the 10th P9. Only beaten in appearance by The Hermit (11).

Card: Nine Bills ('Nine of Pentacles')
Meaning reversed "Laziness, listlessness, sexual boredom, marathon naps, sleep disorders. Frivolous pursuits, capricious purchases."
"Let sleeping dogs lie."


"Practice self-love. Even if you are reluctant to spend money on yourself, know you can indulge in life's luxuries, particularly if it makes you feel good and 'worth it'. You ARE enough. You are more than enough."
" may need to release some of your need for a particular income or standard of living, especially if it gets in the way of other life priorities such as family or relationships."
"It is vital that you focus on what is most important to you. Finances may need to come second, and while you need to at least put food on the table, there may be areas where you can cut back and reduce your dependence on material wealth." (biddy)


I'm so afraid of making capricious purchases. Just reading these words triggers me.
There is much buying now. For Christmas, and new "hobbies". Money I "should" (rationally speaking) save...
But maybe it's all (mostly) about investments. In self-love/unconditional love?

Isn't it fascinating that I have received this card 10 times in this series..?! And if I'm not totally wrong I think it mostly appears reversed... Suggesting that it is something I really need to learn/consider.