Nine of Pentacles, True Heart Intuitive Tarot


New Deck!
Arrived in the mailbox yesterday <3

Theme: "connect with your energy and intuition"

This is more and more how I read my cards. I feel my way forward. Something totally unthinkable 5-6 years ago when I - with great anxiety - picked up my first deck!

Card: 9 Discs (I gotten this card quite often)
"Investments" "self-reliance"
"The solid foundation you've laid has created a welcome new fabulous reality."
It surely has! There's still a lot of "ego feelings" lurking and making noise, but my trust in intuition have grown quite strong - very, very much thanks to Tarot!!! Life has become very different - or, FEELS very different nowadays!
"Invest time into things and people that bring you joy."
"In relationship dynamics, you may be enjoying a comfortable home life, abundant with love. With that said, this is often referred to as "the single person's card". They enjoy their own company..." Now I get why I receive so often :)
"Invest time and money wisely for big future returns"