Nine of Swords, Gamble-Hounsome Tarot


Theme: "the deck that created itself"

Let your life create itself?
Hold back initiatives, solutions and efforts to try to foresee and figure everything (that's going on now) out?

The Gamble-Hounsome Tarot.
Card: Nine of Swords (R)
" over-active, cluttered and so confused state mentally"
"...which way this is processed through our minds is something we can choose to control"
"True, this may take a big effort of mental strength and application, but the fact remains that it can be done."
"Unlike the previous card [the arrows] all point in the same direction, evidence that he as progressed from his confusion and now needs to broaden his awareness and outlook, changing his mind, opening his mental state to new, as yet unexplored and unseen possibilities, ideas and opinions."
"...with this open mind , anything is possible."


"...shows that you are experiencing deep inner turmoil as a result of your mindset. Your negative thoughts are taking you in a downward spiral of despair and anxiety that contradicts reality; you are making things feel much worse than they really are." (biddy) Probably :) Not that I'm in any deep despair, but admittedly a tad unmotivated and in lack of hope. A clear want to "move on" - because of a feeling that it is "moving downwards". But maybe it's "only in my head" it's going in that direction? Because I'm drawing (hasty) conclusions in the middle of the process (the life that is in creation), with insufficient information and knowledge? Prematurely searching for results.
Things can only be 'going down' if you have expectations of things being on another "level" - a mindset wishing things to be in a way they are not! 
And this deck/card seems to suggest that I should not try to alter the "height" of where things are, or interfere too much in how things are going, but focus on changing my own mindset and patiently wait and see how things develop? 
For one reason or another - impossible to know now.
"...things are not as bad as you made them out to be", things are as they should be - whether I like it, understand it, want it - or not!
"...relax and calm yourself" :)

I most evidently have to lean back. No matter what the head says.
Not try to fix. Not try to change. Not try to influence. Be careful not to push.
Other than my own mindset of course!