One of Biscuits, Dog Tarot


I have to repeat myself: "you've got this"!
With the addition: Enjoy this!
Maybe you think that you have to 'do more', maybe your head is desperately and annoyingly searching for things that are wrong or just not 'perfect' (the sun is in virgo after all), and maybe you don't feel perfect - but I can assure you: everything IS perfect! Or, just as it should be, as always, according to the 'Universal Plan'.

You just stay loyal to your assignment, at what your at!
And, dare to open up and embrace things even a tiny bit more, and you will feel the energies rising in and, most probably, around you!  

Deck: Dog Tarot
Theme: Loyalty
Card: One of Biscuits
Biscuits "...represent optimism, hope, adventure, the future, and the ability to achieve."
Think 'spring time'!
The B1: " just a little more generous [with your dog]"! It's a card of "...promise and reward"!