P1 + S3, Steampunk Tarot + Osho Zen


The Steampunk Tarot (I have the digital version) was eager to return (King of Cups the other day), here in company with Osho Zen Tarot (available as an app also - not sure if it's the complete deck though).


Theme(s): "being a cog in a machinery" + "present awareness"

Steampunk Tarot: Ace of Pentacles
"The element of earth supplies us with the resources that meet our physical needs. It is also connected with our worldly status, our mastery over the physical world, and the way we interact with and the value we assign to these items."
"The suit of pentacles explores the physical world and how we shape it, how it shapes us, and how we interact with it."
"Arthur Edward Waite ... said that this card was the most favourable card in the deck. He doesn't say why, but I believe it represents a gift of pure and amazing luck, an opportunity that can explode into undreamed of abundance and accomplishment."
"When you get this card, consider your lucky day. Look sharp for the opportunity that is right in front of you, and make the most of it."
Osho Zen Tarot: Ice-olation, Three of Clouds ('Three of Swords')
"In our society, men in particular have been taught not to cry, to put up a brave face"
"But women fall into this trap too, and all of us at one time or another might feel that the only way to survive is to close off our feelings and emotions so we can't be hurt again. If our pain is particularly deep, we might even try to hide it from ourselves. This can make us frozen, rigid, because deep down we know that one small break in the ice will free the hurt to start circulating through us again."
"We are miserable when we are too much in the self."
"To be in the self means to draw a boundary around you."
"...it makes you frozen - you are no longer flowing."
"If warmth comes to them they will start melting and the boundaries will disappear. In love the boundaries disappear; in joy also the boundaries disappear, because joy is not cold."


A gift 'from the machinery/society' that can 'melt my boundaries/wall'!?

Edit 25/3 2002: Or what looked like a gift, but wasn't - the ace came up in reverse! And - tearing down the walls ain't something that something or someone can 'do' from outside, but something I have to work on myself. Doh!