P10 + C6, Crystal Visions + Vikings


Crystal Visions Tarot and Vikings Tarot.

Themes: "the answer is in the future/yet to be unveiled" + "nothing comes without labour and hard work, life isn't always easy"

Immediate association - based on the themes:
Life (and the general world by all means) is a bit unstable and uncertain at the moment. It would of course be lovely to "have all the answers", know with certainty what to do, and so on - but the reasons for things being as they are (foggy, uncertain, 'delayed', 'problematic',  'sick', dark, frightening...) are not to be revealed yet. As the cards have told me in many different ways the last days: Do Not Force It.
But, with reference to the second deck - this doesn't mean 'be passive'. 
Work hard - but don't force it or push things!
Not at all!

"Dig where you stand", is a common expression in Sweden that can be used too!
Do what needs to be done that don't really require planning, too much logistics (management) or making choices - things that trigger the Ego and the Head, and risk them taking charge of things (which I have been doing too much lately, as mentioned the recent days).  
Paying bills and 'catching up on spiritual WORK' ("too few cards drawn lately") - as the body clearly indicate (physical) 'rest', and have been doing for close to two weeks (me not really listening - head still being in the lead). Symbolically mirrored 'out there' yesterday evening, when I 'pushed my wood burner too hard' - "over heated".
A little bit of a theme in my life as it happens. The first thing that happened to my car (11 years ago) was that the cooler system had deficiencies. And I cant remember how many radiators that have broken down or burned in some way during my life - in any case, "probabilistically too many"! I have always been uncomfortably cold (from inside) and yet have somewhat of a deep seated fear of fire.
I have the asteroid Vesta in Virgo - my Twelfth (secret/hidden/sacrifice) house, astrologically speaking. Which can be interpreted in many ways of course, but I feel and sense it as "fire and passion is something somewhat hidden from me", but at the same time "the hidden and secret fires me up". I have always been both terrified and deeply fascinated with darkness and the unknown. 

"Vesta's placement in the horoscope shows where and how we can be dedicated, where we can focus our energies to the greatest effect. But it also shows where, periodically, we have to withdraw and "recharge our batteries." If we don't, we will become drained, and even sick." (bobmarkastrologer)
I have been to much in my head lately, as I have written about this last week. To much in my head, deeming this and that important. Making choices, plans. Doing, working, pushing, pulling. "you have to" the head and Ego says. 
None, or very little, spiritual work, connection to the hidden - TRUE recharge of batteries. Instead I have (once again - as I did in earlier life) let the head tell me what to do, what "ought to be done" - draining me - as it amounts to trying to recharge a solar panel with light bulbs instead of the sun - It Just Doesn't Work!
Of course it "feels good" to "get things done" - to the ego(!)- but only by doing what OUGHT to be done (whether the head/Ego agrees or not) true charging, development and progress is made. Progress that takes THE WHOLE into account - not just results in the outer world. 

To know what OUGHT to be done, more than the head needs to be incorporated in the planning process. More than our crude 5 senses.
Multisensory perception that is.


Having lived in my head for most of my life, this is a challenge for me. Especially when 'problems' and challenges tower up on the outside. Then - when it's more important than ever to relax and perceive - to be able to 'pick the right string to pull', the Ego is very quick to enter the picture to "straighten things up". "Make things happen".
Things that - from a much, much larger (unknown) perspective - might not at all be the right things. No matter how much it looks like that 'from the outside', 'according to society', 'according to common sense" and so on. 

I've talked about it much the last days - but more talk than walk I'm afraid :) as the cards keep on in the same direction.

"Stop trying to plan, push and pull - you Do Not Have enough information yet" (Crystal Visions)
Tag along - find the flow. 
Find the path with least resistance!!!

"When the Ten of Pentacles appears reversed, it can represent problems at home, financial insecurity, and discontent." (The head saying that the move to the house 'should be going faster', being rather disturbed by 'delays' - such as 'sickness', accidents around, things 'breaking down') 
I do. I really do.
But I really, really, really have trouble 'believing them'. Or rather, I have trouble following them. I pretend that I "take it easy" and don't push things - but I do (see the self-delusion card yesterday - that I didn't really own, or merely pretended to own). And - I let myself be pushed from the outside. I feel obligated to do what others want and suggest, because I feel in debt to them, that "I should" - and, once again, turn my back to my soul and my true path. I play along in the illusion. I look too much on outside stuff and things around me - and shut down inside. 

Nothing in the outer world matters when there's no soul or heart in it.
Again and again I keep making this mistake!
Thankfully more and more seldom :)


"chalices - the element of water, the soul, and magic"
"Torgerdr Holgabrudr and Irpa make the man of wood
gifts - life - personal gain
" (Not pushing and pulling doesn't mean 'being passive'. Hard work ought to be invested in what OUGHT to be done, not what the Ego/head thinks SHOULD be done.
So, what OUGHT to be done?!
"Personal Carving"! Soul Work, "magic"! Work with what is 'given' (not what is pushed or 'taken')! Re-connection with The Now, with LIFE!)

Stop pushing those furniture around - re-connect with your heart and LIFE (God dammit)!

Crystal Visions Tarot and Vikings Tarot