P2 + C4, Native American + Mystical Cats


Theme(s): "everything in the world has a spirit" (now 'scientifically proven/spoken of' as in everything is energy, and has an innate frequency) + "mystical integrity"

Native American: 2 of Pentacles - Pine Tree
"Like all evergreens, it guarantees immortality: Its height reconnect it with ascesis, whereas its link with the moon reconnects it with fertility and birth."
Mystical Cats Tarot: Four of Sea ('4 of Cups')
"Sea cats can be moody, and their enthusiasm for life ebbs and flows like the tide."
"Though experience has shown them that the world is far from dull, nothind seems worth doing at the moment. This attitude must pass its own time." (what I, the other day, referred to as 'starting to feel a tad emotionless and indifferent towards this continuous 'slight state of un-wellness' maybe)
The Cat's advice: "The solution to your time of malaise is approaching and will be best discovered by listening to your dreams and paying attention to your daydream visions. Watch for signs, omens, and psychic messages."

"The hardest times to choose love are the very times when you can most grow spiritually"

Native American Tarot and Mystical Cats Tarot (homemade box for the latter)