P3 + SQ, Fire Tarot + Sidhe Tarot


Theme: inner fire + gifts of the universe (as in 'you are ingeniously given capabilities matching the challenges and assignments of your present configuration body-mind-soul')


Many things happen now, that (finally) slowly (truly) lights up my inner fire. I'm slowly awakening to my innate gifts. That is: lifting the veil before my eyes and heart, which have preventing me to see and feel them. Preventing me to acknowledge, accept, cherish and use them wisely and consciously, and responsibly (from a greater perspective).

I am (like many, many, many others) a multi-sensory being born and raised in a five-sensory society. A being with multi-sensory perception trapped in a five-sensory rationally-based personality (ego) of my own creation, with good support from my general surroundings/society and schooling.

But all this is about to change - not just for me, but on quite a grand scale - whether we like it or not! Five-sensory perception and "survival-living" are quickly becoming obsolete. The evolution in consciousness is massive at the time being, and will change the world as we know it today. More and more multi-sensory persons are being born. You know all these people with "letter-combinations" - people with perceptions and understandings not comprehended by five-sensory beings, and not fitting our five-sensory society and system. Or all the anxiety-ridden persons out there (me being/have been one). All the labels of "sickness", which are merely a question of not seeing the (much, much, much) greater picture! 

"We are experiencing the birth of a new species. From an evolutionary point of view, it's happening very fast. It will be complete within only several human generations. Now is the beginning.
This new species is being born inside you, inside me and inside the readers of this interview. It is emerging inside each of us, one by one.
" (multisensoryperception)

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"Being multi-sensory changes your sensing or understanding of yourself. You sense that you're more than a mind and a body, that you have an immortal component."
"A universal human's allegiance is to life first, and everything else second. For example, I am a universal human first, and a male second. I am a universal human first, and an American second. I am a universal human first, and a grandfather second. I am a universal human first, and everything else second.
We are all universal humans in training.
" (universalhumansintraining)

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"We are evolving from five-sensory humans into multisensory humans. Our five senses, together, form a single sensory system that is designed to perceive physical reality. The perceptions of a multisensory human extend beyond physical reality to the larger dynamical systems of which our physical reality is a part."
"This realm is invisible to the five-sensory human."



Three of Pentacles
"God makes use of fire to convey his laws. The number three represents the thought that manifests itself in the material world. Concealed within each man is divine breath."

Dreamer Queen ('Queen of Swords') - Reason
Dreamers: "This is the realm of thought, inspiration, and ideas, where the creative process begins. [...] Dreamers teach of us the power to create our own reality with our thoughts."
"Her throne is knowledge, true and just,
Her mind is all that she will trust,
A blade as sharp as any sword,
And solitude is her reward...


Decks #39 and #109: Fire Tarot and Sidhe Tarot