P6 + P3, Epic + Holy Grail


Themes: "heroic; majestic; impressively great" ("extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope") + "the quest"

Isn't this a lovely combination?!

First time I received The Epic Tarot in a drawing was the day I signed the papers for my new house/farm. This, the second, time is on the very day horses will arrive to the farm...! Isn't this a coincidence? ;)
Things are far from done here, but yesterday I stumbled upon a lovely black companion horse to the yellowish one I have - with an owner who kindly agreed on selling him to me "unseen" via a trailer <3

Is the 1st of April the best of days to make affairs though? ;)

And. I'm doing all this from a place of love and what I have believed to be deep conviction. I'm doing this, while others might think I have more urgent and/or important things to do.
But I'm now trying to get back on track after weeks and weeks off them - which have caused high levels of anxiety and fear, tensions/"sickness", in my body. (Summarised yesterday)

Why I'm very comforted by not only getting the Epic Tarot this morning, but that it is also accompanied by The Holy Grail Tarot. The Holy Grail not needing that much explanation and clarification. 

"the Grail symbolizes God, and the search for it is the search for God, who reveals Himself only to the pure-those who are pure in heart as well as in deed." (link)

My actions now come from a place of love and purity. A sense of calling. True Search.

The tensions and pressure over my chest, the lurking anxiety and struggling heart will of course not disappear in a jiffy, but I believe I'm on to something now!
I'm really thankful that I have my "system of Tarot decks", and the Ching, and such - they "give me" courage, confidence and strength.


Epic Tarot: Six of Spheres ('Six of Pentacles')- 'The Sphere Shared'
"When energy is hidden away, it vanishes. When it is shared, it increases. Moving energy, resources, like this creates beauty and sweetness in the hearts of others and in the world."
Holy Grail Tarot: Three of Pentacles - 'Master Craftsman'
"Skills and abilities will be appreciated and rewarded. Artistic ability, rank, power, achievement. Success through effort."

Edit, the day after: for some reason The Robin Wood Tarot booklet was in the Holy Grail Tarot box, and the text above is from that one. In the Holy Grail booklet the following is written about Three of Pentacles (not THAT much of a difference, but "right should be right":
"Hard Work. Job, masterful art, great skill, fame, trade, desire for fulfilment."
(And there really were some Hard Work yesterday)