P7 + The Wheel, Vikings + Lost Tarot


Vikings Tarot (again) and The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus

Theme(s): "nothing comes without labour and hard work, life isn't always easy" + "Found after years being lost"

Vikings Tarot: Seven of Pentacles - The Dwarf HaembĂși ("Lavender")

"Results - collection - deliveries"
Lost Tarot of Nostradamus: Wheel of Fortune
"Certainly, in most readings the presence of this card can upset the outcome of the answer the cards offer."
"Because of this, the normal rules about reversed cards are less effective. What appears to be a negative response may turn out to be something else entirely and, even thought the card my represent a reversal of fortune, only the placing of other cards (personal note: and/or ones own thinking/attitude to life and ones circumstances) in the reading will define whether this is a good or bad thing."


Before drawing these cards I was doing some ordering. Ordering "deliveries". To stock up ("collection") necessary things for bringing horses to the farm. So, I was a little amused when the Vikings card came up!
Then I got a little but stuck as to the meaning of getting the Lost Tarot to accompany it. I bought that deck as the theme I've mentioned above - something long lost and forgotten being found. 
I'm not sure as to whether this is the correct way to view it. I assume it wasn't technically 'lost', but rather 'just found'..! If you know what I mean. There was no one there to loose it - although, it was found, many years later, not knowing it was lost.
But, it might also be that it is the person - Nostradamus - and his unique qualities that should be pondered and kept in mind.
I can't really sense it.

But when reading the text to The Wheel, it felt more obvious and connected.
It's the "delay theme" that I have written about much lately.
I (my Ego) certainly has thoughts and/or some expectations on "results and deliveries" - where efforts (Vikings Tarot) should be made, and what it should result in. But - with nothing at all going according the 'original plan/wish'.
Firstly - my body and mind went into some sort of "strike" when the contract for the farm was signed - everything felt so smoothly, right and flowing up until then.
And, when I nonetheless tried to muster energy and strength to "do some moving", almost every time there was delays along the way..! Car accident upon car accident precisely the roads we planned to take, "causing" us to wait and/or take other roads. And if not accidents, keys to trailers get "misplaced". It's really overall an energy of "wait" in the air - and (with reference to 'plans and wishes') certainly things spinning and turning "in the wrong direction". And, why not - feeling a little bit 'lost' as to 'why' - when everything felt so flowing and 'right' before?! (I know everything is still 'all right - as it should be', but a little bit lost as to why things happen - or not happen(!) - as they do at the moment).

Again and again I think "this really ought to be done now" and begin doing that - only to be hampered in some way. It happens in almost each and every direction I go..!
I more and more feel that it is a case of "What appears to be a negative response may turn out to be something else entirely".


Out of curiosity I asked The Holy Light Tarot what "it thought" about these reflections on the matter/situation, and received the Eight of Swords - "The Test"
"...usually pictures a warrior running a gauntlet, subjected to harsh examination that might even verge on torture."
"When the card falls sunny-side-up, you are likely to pass this testing time with flying colors. Your mind, will and instincts will harmonize as you navigate the maze before you."
"This test represents your chance to excel in a situation that has been deliberately made very difficult."

The Vikings Tarot and The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus