Page of Cups, Maat Tarot


Theme: "personification of truth, justice, and the cosmic order"

Deck: Maat Tarot
Card: Page of Cups (R)
"a young woman on a white horse shaded by a palm branch. She is the archetypal bride. She is committed yet still a virgin."
"She is eager to please her man although she can become a bit too obsessive on the little things, disregarding more important issues."

" doubt whether you can really make it work. Your inner critic may be on over-drive or others are telling you that you're dreaming - so you are stalling and holding back. Ask yourself, "What have I got to lose here?" So what if the idea fails? Isn't it better to try something and fail than never do it and wonder for the rest of your life what might have happened? And what if you didn't fail? What if you were to succeed? Again, listen to your intuition to understand if fear is getting in the way and whether it's time to just give it a go regardless of the outcome." (biddy)