Page of Hearts, Art of Love Tarot


Today there's not a random deck, today it's a brand NEW deck!

Theme: the art of manifesting true love

"Inside you is an enormous pool of creativity,
endless ideas and possibilities
just waiting to be loved by you.
- Toni Carmine Salerno

Card: Page of Hearts - innocence ('Page of Cups')
"Come back to your heart and you will see the world through new eyes"
"Do you feel like a fish out of water?"
"The Page of Hearts asks you to rediscover your value and worth. The attention you are paying to someone else's needs and opinions is zapping your self-confidence and esteem. Each time you think about them, a part of your power goes to them and self-doubt creeps in."

Reds from deck companion.

Immediate associations:
The Innocent Inner Child
I used to dream a lot about fish outside water

How easy it is to let someone or something 'out there' to zap your energy, and give you "cause" you tremble on your own path, and think twice on each and every step you take.
But not only the 'out there:s' can catch our attention - I let the 'not out there:s' zap me in a very similar way.
When I perceive lack of "GO!", "Jump!", "how exciting!", "I'm so glad for you!", "that sounds so interesting!", "I love the way you think!", "tell me how you feel!", "you are more important than what you do!" I still feel hurt in my little inner child.
When I perceive lack of interest in my true essence, my soul, my depth and soul-matters in general I still feel hurt inside.
When I perceive too much interest in outside matters, and what I produce/generate I still feel hurt, and shut down to a lesser or greater extent.

Man, how self-destructive!!
When "all you need is to love yourself".
But that's not exactly the easiest of tasks, when nothing in the general society and "the system" as a whole teaches you anything about it, because of (almost) total lack of knowledge (awareness) of it! Despite the fact that it is the foundation of all our great religions, and what all mystics have talked about since the dawn of consciousness many thousand years ago!

It is not what we do that is the most important thing, it is who we are!!!
It is not that others love us - it is that we love, inspire and excite ourselves!

How lovely then, that conscious awareness is growing and collective soul awareness is on the (called for) rise - on a world-wide scale!
Spirituality ("Religion") and Quantum Physics ("Science") begin to merge, proving our one-ness!
And the great thing about it is that only takes a few for us to make the paradigm shift! (the critical mass - statistically proven, for you doubters! ;) )

The Hundredth Monkey
Collective Consciousness
Science and Spirituality
The Dalai Lama on Quantum Physics
Are Living Beings Made of Energy or Matter?

What the bleep do we know!?

A true dream of mine is to "work" with matters like this!
(I now repeat this often to myself, to remind myself, to strengthen my commitment, and to not lose sight of my path and my true essence and passion - it's also a way of seeing, embracing and loving myself)