Page of Pent's + Page of Cups, Sirian Starseed + Cosmic Tribe


Themes: "a word from the collective unconscious" + "we humans might live on earth, but there's a greater context than that and 'let love flourish wherever it goes'"

Pair in Pages.

Sirian Starseed Tarot: Seeker of Crystals ('Page of Pentacles')
"Who is the Seeker? As one awakens to the wonder of spirit, recognizing that there is a greater purpose to life than what can be gleaned from the sensate, physical world, a transformation begins. The seeker reaches out, searching for more. There is a youthful, very feminine, quality about the seeker, which is not necessarily about age or gender, but more about the joy of discovering the beauty of spiritual awakening.
The seeker needs guidance -  she is very unprepared and is still learning about the suit. While there is spiritual immaturity in this essence, it carries a sense of childlike wonder and an innocence that is very disarming.
Crystals "From the higher perspective, one of honoring the elements of Gaia and celebrating the elemental energies of this reality, the suit of Crystals raises the interpretive bar to focus us on the higher aspects: the ability to manifest spirit into form, creation of abundance and prosperity, and the examination of the value of possession versus spirit.
To Starseed, who understands that you can never possess enough - life is about being enough - this is the most difficult of the suits. Embracing abundance without being addicted to it, is a prevalent theme throughout.
Cosmic Tribe Tarot: Prince of Cups - Dreamer
"...the Prince of Cups hears the call and receives cosmic information through the ancient stories of the emotions. He is the power of emotions on the point of maturity where we learn to believe in ourselves and trust our emotions. Wise guides come to the Prince of Cups not to smooth things out or provide security, but to tell him what he needs to know.
In the card the Prince of Cups is undergoing his initiation into emotional adulthood and everything around him appears surreal. He is both in his familiar water element and out of it. A hole in the surface of reality opens at the top of the card and exposes the iris of the evolved cosmic eye that observes all of our far-flung experience and radiates eternal wisdom back to us.
"Messenger fish fly out of the cup pf his unconscious realm to remind him that the key to internal awareness is going with the flow." I often dreamed about flying fish when I was a child.
"Should the Prince of Cups come to you in a reading, take a moment to see how wonderful you are. He is the person in your life or aspect of yourself undergoing an intense emotional initiation. These initiations occur throughout our lives as we continually tune in to what the universe wants from us."