Page of Pent's + Emperor, Inner Child Cards + Bride's Tarot


Themes: "imagination, play, creativity, innocence" + "insight to your love"

Inner Child Cards: Child of Crystals ('Page of Pentacles') - Huck Finn
"...the untamed part of us that desires adventure and an uncivilized relationship with the Earth. In the beginnings stages of consciousness, we are introduced to the concepts of abundance, honesty, boundaries, experimentation, and responsibility on the physical plane. How we deal with these attributes has a direct bearing on our maturation beyond the child state of existence."
"One might say that he is fishing for new knowledge in the wisdom stream of humanity's consciousness. As the Child of Crystals, he has his various animal friends, his trusty slingshot, and a calmness that reminds us of the harmonious vibrations of Mother Nature."
Bride's Tarot: The Emperor
"Authority, charm, determination, order and tradition, the head of the family, excellent lover, action and practicality"