Page of Pent's + Knight of Wands, Cosmic Tribe + Rider Waite


Trust the process and rest in patience - the Universe has got your back!
Do not listen to your head interfering and demanding you to take action and force things ahead, and calculate how you 'should' proceed - based on stories from the past, fear, wishes/wants and/or lingering outworn patterns!
(suggestions often disguised under a headline of 'Good Intention')

The Universe has a better plan than your head has - because the universe has the bigger picture, and know about all pieces of the (infinite) puzzle - which your head just don't!

Savour the moment. Sit with all new impressions. Feel your way forward, with an open heart and a great portion of curiosity and wonder!  

Deck: Cosmic Tribe Tarot
Theme: "we humans might live on earth, but there's a greater context than that" and "let love flourish wherever it goes"
Card: Princess of Earth 
"...rests her body on the Earth thet loves her and believes in her."
"...the Earth is patient and will help her to heal and renew herself.
Go slowly but deliberately
Use all of your senses!
Be mindful of how you want to act and be in the world - what energy you want to represent.

Deck: (Traditional) Rider Waite
Theme: "Ego interference", "stuck in tradition"
Card: Knight of Wands (R)
"division, interruption, discord"