Page of Pent's + Six of Pent's, Spirit + Housewives


Themes: "behind the scenes, play of lights and shadows, magic" + "domestic chores"

Immediate thought: "There's magic even in the most mundane tasks".

Only nine days since last visit from the Housewives Tarot.
And again there are chores to be done on the agenda. Not for distraction, but because the time is right. Carry wood, work, school work.
It's neither a distraction from heavy challenging feelings nor from the spiritual world - spirit is everywhere. Magic is everywhere. Answers are everywhere - most likely where you didn't expect them to be - and most likely to come if you lay down all your expectations (which only opens up for disappointment, and risking to miss things out of your narrowed expectation sight). 
There's no flight from feelings or situations. Feelings can (should) tag along, and situations should be allowed to develop without meddling - which can be easier from distance! Spirit should be given time and space to "do it's thing". 

Spirit Tarot: Page of Pentacles
"Study, deep concentration and application, reflection, bearer of news"
Housewives Tarot: Six of Pentacles
"The Six of Pentacles is about generosity in time of both prosperity and hardship. If you're enjoying the sweet taste of success, why not try sharing that sugary bounty with others? You never know whether Lady Luck will trick or treat you, so always  offer up the best you can."

And this reminder again - giving is receiving.
When in doubt - give, share.
Give without expecting anything in return.