Page of Swords + Ace of Coins, Infinity + Hobbit


Themes: "navigate the infinite Field of Pure Potentiality" + "an unexpected journey"

Infinity Tarot: Page of Swords
"Being authoritative means being responsible and critical towards your own errors. This is how the hero, the just, and the courageous act."
Hobbit Tarot: Ace of Coins
The shining gem "The Heart of the Mountain"
"New doorways are opening professionally. Your efforts will be rewarded with prosperity. This card says "Yes" to the principle of going out there and sowing the seeds of new endeavours. Get working on those projects with the greatest likelihood of success! Focusing on your knowledge and skills, and trusting the situation brings tangible results."
Reversed: "can suggest being overly focused on the material at the expense of the emotional, and being trapped by commitments."