Page of Swords, Art of Life Tarot


Theme: Art of Living

Card: Page of Swords
Page "beginner, learner"
Swords "matters of the mind, especially ideas"
Page of Swords "Ideas, student, seeker of knowledge"

The situation my current 'now' consists of, is one of the most challenging situations in my life - I may have met the greatest teacher of my life, so far. Or "the right person at the right time". Without him having a clue about it being so.
Might have met equally great teachers before - me not being ready - hard to say.

I've been preparing for this a long time. In some sense whole my life, but since 6-8 years pretty much full time, impatiently thinking "what the heck am I preparing for", "what's taking so long"?

I'm terrified, filled with paralyzing separation anxiety, and yet grateful - because I know it's such a necessary experience for me. Triggering so much deep seated fears in me - impossible to reach, and HEAL, without 'an other'. 

I'm so insanely afraid, and at the same time - deep down under (popping up every now and then, if only for seconds) feeling strangely blessed. 

My life feels very weird right now.
Weirder than ever.