Page of Swords, Kingdom Within Tarot


Theme: The Kingdom is Within You, or Everything You Need is Within, or "Don't Let Outside Events Control Your Happiness" - but I do.

Card: Page of Swords - Persephone
"In Persephone we have the maiden forced to grow up before she is ready, the victim who has not yet accepted responsibility for her own life..."
"Persephone must learn to balance the extreme ideals with the bitter realities of life before truly realizing her own power"
"The situation contains too many conflictive elements that work against each other"
"Energy of sign: She watches as she induces others to stop against themselves in reaction to her own dynamic expressions of freedom"
"...are best at motivating others to grow to new heights"
"...a young woman who has an important message but is struggling with how to logically communicate it amidst opposing forces. May be brilliant and argumentative by nature; struggles with issues of purpose and self-identity. May have an air sign (Libra...) for her ascendant" (rising sign in natal horoscope)
You "...may be upset over feelings of not fitting in while at the same time not feeling free. Perhaps waiting for someone to save her from the current situation or herself."
"Enacting the Victim?"