Page of Swords, Romantic Tarot


Theme: relationships

Card: Page of Swords - from the suit of Vienna in this deck
Swords-Vienna: "romantic and coquettish. Swirling waltzes and crossed blades for ambitious and daring dames and knights - Airs and intellect"
"The slave of love"
"What a surprise when the destiny cannot dampen the light of love. What a joy when the end is not yet ended."


Other takes on this page:
"UPRIGHT: New ideas, curiosity, thirst for knowledge, new ways of communicating (note/reminder: regarding the theme 'relationships')
REVERSED: Self-expression, all talk and no action, haphazard action, haste
" (biddy)
"There is unexpected news on its way (note: probably connected to the theme 'relationships' in some way). In order to benefit from the changes coming, you must rely on your intelligence and ability to adapt."
"Have you ever spoken truth to the powerful and did not even realize the challenge you had presented them? Are you learning the complex jargon of a new field and comprehending what a new you could look like when you master this language? [...] Page cards represent a fresh, demanding challenge to your position in the world. The Page of Swords exists to remind you that your integrity is the sharpest weapon in your arsenal. No matter how experienced you are in the world, from time to time, problems arise that are truly novel situations. When your policy is sticking to the truth, these conundrums are simple to resolve. [...] Swords are cards of words and ideas. Truth and justice are the highest ideals. We all politely nod in their direction and live up to them when it is easy, but the Page of Swords shows a challenging wind blowing towards you in a new way. Court cards (Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings) all depict an individual alone. You will be isolated in your moment of deliberation. The Page of Swords is a card that can underscore your character through your actions for years to come. The outcome may not be pretty, but the strength to your personhood that the result of this challenge brings is unmistakable." (

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