Page of Wands, Chalice Tarot


The insecurity and/or uncertainty just doesn't want to let go of its grip, does it?!

We have a girl on fire facing and running one direction, but having her chest (heart?) faced in another.
Having a hard time aligning heart and head maybe?
Difficulties following what you in your heart know is true?
Wandering thoughts?

At least you're not beating yourself up about it, or fighting it any longer - dropped wand? :)
And that lovely vulnerable nakedness - lovely!
Carry on in that direction!

As - growth happens a lot more outside your comfort zone :)
The universe tend to "hold things back" when you don't challenge yourself, when you don't develop your (connection with your) gifts.

But the universe want give what's truly yours to someone else, but keeps it save "until you're ready". 
Ready not being what YOU 'think' is ready.

Like now!
You ARE ready for something, but your head tirelessly tries to convince you you're not!!

Encouraging words from the book:
"wading in where angels fear to tread"
"the Princess of Wands does not counsel caution"
Something needs to be "seized NOW, or opportunities may" pass
"innate confidence of someone who does not feel a need to justify her existence"

You WILL land on your feet!
Your gifts, and YOU, are needed!
Follow that fire in your heart.

Deck: Chalice Tarot
Theme: "or navigating times of fear/hope, uncertainty and anxiety"
Card: Princess of Wands (R)