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Themes: "you are what you do, not what you say you'll do" and "everything that irritates you about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves" + "teaching/learning"

Jungian Tarot: Princess of Wands - The Clever Daughter
"Although this young woman appears very outgoing, she is actually insecure and vulnerable. Nothing matters to her more than to be surrounded by people and to be in a social spotlight. She seeks constant attention and emotional support and uses her very considerable guile to twist people to her point of view, being remarkably clever though not overly intelligent. And although she can be warm and loving, she can also be cruel - sometimes tearing people down behind their backs and ridiculing those who do not live up to her standards. Always acting on impulse, this Princess can be extraordinary imaginative and witty - to the delight of those around her. But she is subject to intense swings in personality: one moment she is the soul of decorum and the next is genuinely vulgar. She behaves according to what will bring her attention at any given moment."
"...those rare times when she is alone, she may feel depressed and hostile." I questionably had to write the whole description, as it is THE best description - every word - for this person very much "irritates me". And of course - I can learn to understand a lot about myself through this irritation... Made extra clear by getting it coupled with the next deck.
Parrott Tarot: Four of Cups
"Luxury, wealth, enjoyment of success" Not the typical interpretation..! Which goes more along the lines of...

"...for now, you're saying "no""

I'm not totally ready for what seems to be "the next level" on my journey. 
I've just started becoming familiar with The Course in Miracles.

And most certainly I have to "realign to this new phase of your life. You know that you need to be standing on terra firma before you can decide your next steps." And figure out how the hell I should apply this in interactions with the Princess.