Page of Wands + Four of Swords, Holy Light + Rosa Orm


Theme: "enlightenment/awakening ("explicit spiritual growth")" + "sisu"

Holy Light Tarot: Page of Wands
"...a servant of the invisible world"
"His appearance announces: "Awaken sleepers, bestir yourselves.""
"The personality of the Page of Wands is unique and highly individuated. He's never one to copy from others, instead being bohemian and independent by nature, requiring little in the way of outside affirmation or approval. Some would call him a nonconformist or antisocial, but in doing so they are reacting to what he appears to reject instead of taking the time to recognize his higher allegiances."
"His speciality is finding simple solutions to complex problems. High technology does not impress him, because he figures his free will and his time to be infinitely more valuable than any gadget."
"The Page of Wands as a sovereign individual seems like a paradox from the standpoint of standard cultural norms and mores. His life is lived through an ethos of self-empowerment, and that's his commitment to his tribe as well."
"Though his rank is low, he will only support people whom he can respect, whose causes he feels are worthy."
"Freedom is such an important value in his universe that he would rather endure job insecurity than be trapped in a role with strings attached."
"This page's true leader and Commander seem to be synonymous with his invisible Higher Power."
"Although he's performing an educational and inspirational function within the court, the Page of Wands prefers a humble appearance and low formal rank in the hierarchy."
"He positions himself as a helper, a greaser-of-wheels, and a shoehorn for community projects. Whatever task he participates in, he assists the different personalities to find a fit with each other for the greater good."
Rosa Orm (Pink Snake) Tarot: Four of Swords - In Familiar Company
Phrase selection from book: Self-knowledge, An inner meeting and negotiation, Taking many aspects into consideration, Diplomatic reasoning, A fresh viewpoint, A new insight, Humorous attitude, Finding new ways of living, The paradoxical nature of life.