Page of Wands, Javanne Tarot


Theme: "to paint a dream"

A lovely squared deck I gladly turn to when I chose a deck on my own, rather than let the number generator decide for me. Sometimes you just want an explanation or comment you immediately understand, that supports, soothes you or calm you down a notch :)
Art-wise it's actually not my cup of tea, but the innovative and intuitive way it is created and presented really speaks to me - each and every time. 

Card: Page of Wands
"A young smiling woman stands holding a branch, a magical blowpipe from which the power and joy of life streams out."
1st position
"You have a fiery soul. Hold onto that inner source of energy that nourishes you. You have a creative vein which, throughout your whole life, can be developed and made independent. Your abilities are inherited or you have them with you from a past life. This is because they need to be developed even more. With this Page you have a special chance to create something original, maybe a new or different type of life. You will succeed. If you have lost all joy in life then it will soon bubble up again - maybe through your own effort, maybe through the efforts of others."

Blues from deck companion


I do have a fiery soul.
I desire to experience, develop and spread Creativity and Joy.
Not Fun - Joy.
True Joy.
Joy of Life and Living.
Reverence and Awe of Life!
I do desire to create something original - a new or different type of life!
I will succeed!


"If we perceived Life with Reverence and understood the evolutionary process, we would stand in awe at the experience of the physical Life, and walk Earth in a very deep sense of gratitude." - Gary Zukav -

making commitments
making commitments

Deck #64: Javanne Tarot