Page of Wands + Page of Cups, Gorgon's + Shapeshifter


Themes: "bringing ugly truths/shadows up from the depths" + "shape-shifting"

Gorgon's Tarot: Page of Wands
"She is trustworthy, hardworking and uninhabited. She is devoted to her young flames and to her training for their own sake and for her own benefit and enjoyment, not caring one bit about external pressures, or for proving anything to anybody; she is not even all that bothered about results - the learning itself is the real point." I think this is the best approach to (promoting) "bringing shadows up"
"If pushed beyond her capacities, however, or harassed, or confused, she can turn sullen and indecisive. She must be careful not to bite more than she can chew off." Good point.
Shapeshifter Tarot: Seeker of Water ('Page of Cups')
"Emotional mastery, communication, unconditional love" - other prerequisites for bringing ugly truths from the depths. The challenge being the timing and implementation of the communication (when to have patience, wait and shut up for example - an important part of communication in my life/situation), and how to express the unconditional love. 

Interesting times ahead.