Page of Wands, Quantum Tarot


Theme: From the perspective of quantum physics, reality is a mysterious, magical place. The Quantum Realm/Quantum Leap

Quantum Tarot 2 times in 3 days! Reality IS a mysterious, magical place.

Card: Page of Wands - Orion
"...youthful energy personified. He represents childlike openness and boundless enthusiasm. What new interest is firing you up?" Caravan hunting is the new thing on the agenda of today..!
"The mythological Orion was a hunter loved by Artemis. She was tricked into killing him by  Apollo and in her grief placed his body in the heavens. Orion is one of Greek myth's many action men. His impulsiveness is typical of the Page of Wands. Pages represents childlike energy, and in Wands this youthful enthusiasm is most directly and physically expressed. This Page turns up to augur new ideas, projects, passions - anything that's got you all worked up and ready for action."


"All myths of Orion's death share the same outcome: Orion and the scorpion were placed on opposite sides of the sky, so that when the constellation Scorpius rises in the sky, Orion sets below the horizon in the west, fleeing from the scorpion." (constellation-guide)