Page of Wands + The Sun, Gilded + Scorpio Sea Tarot


Theme: "Everything has a Golden Lining" + "Beyond the Surface"

Gilded Tarot: Page of Wands (R)
"Full of new ideas but often lacks "thinking it through," tendency to dive into things headfirst without much forethought."
"lovable rogue"
Scorpio Sea Tarot: The Sun
"The Sun asks you to stop and look around: the joy that you have been chasing is here. The meaning of happiness becomes evident under the Sun, because of and not despite the rainy days that brought you to this point. Every hard thing that you've gone though has brought you  to right here, right now."
"You are exactly where you need to be and need to be exactly where you are. The sunlight floods over you, warming you and exposing all those cracks and chips and flaws that cover you. When the light hits them just right, they shine. You sparkle, you know. You can nearly be seen from space with all that shine. The universe has done everything it can to put you just here, in exactly this place."