Page of Wands, Venetian Carnival Tarot


Theme: "persona management and psychological functions"

Who do I want to be?


The Venetian Carnival Tarot - such a beautiful deck. I have number 167 (out of 500) from the 1st edition, with a signed certificate and all.


Card: Page of Wands

"I have developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake or situation that I am presented with. I'm young, but my high spirit and enthusiasm together with my willingness to work hard help me to achieve my life goals. I'm waiting for new opportunities that destiny brings to me. I'm a modest person, and I know what I want exactly."
Nah, not exactly :) But this text is like spot on my highest wishes, and - I guess - the 'persona' I'm working towards, and from time to time manage to perform!
"Ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt - The fates lead the willing and drag the unwilling"
"The Page of Wands is in Volto mask, which covers the entire face, depicting main features of nobody, and providing him with total anonymity. Another name for this mask is 'Citizen' due to its use by commoners. His pose with a wand in his left hand demonstrates a lack of self-confidence, he is willing to move, but stays as if he is frozen, or is waiting for a sign to be sent from destiny. In fact, destiny is the product of the cooperation between the conscious and the unconscious, the result of the four psychological functions' equilibrium. In this case, feelings prevails over intuition in the conscious minds. This type of people is too vulnerable and finds it hard to make decisions, so the Page is fighting another's struggle in the way that is not his"
Upright: "Achieving goals, but with the help from others."
Reversed: "Having a lack of self-confidence, considering that life pushes him too hard.  [...] ...having an excessive reliance on other people."

It's the 8th Page of Wands since the Beginning of CoD.
9 Hermits, 9 Pages of Swords and 9 Queens of Cups:s have shown up.
Still no Two of Cups.