Peeling Deduction + W10, Sherlock + Healing

Fourth time Sherlock, and Ten of Wands (the card of system over-load) two days in a row!

Yesterday regarding (not) "using yin management (intuition and such)", which I have hard times doing.
Today a hint about the way to Healing - and with a hint on how. The Sherlock Tarot symbolises "deductive analysis". Multisensory analysis - analysis based on more than thoughts. Not Pure Feeling/Listening to the inner small voice - but analysis using all senses, with no emotional attachment , and gathering information until the answer (path) reveals itself.

Very much what I've been writing about lately - how I (nowadays) am waiting for movement/action until I know what's right (from a greater perspective - not according to my Egos thoughts and wishes). Waiting until the path (answer) reveals itself - which it always will do in due time, when necessary (enough) clarity (information) is gained. Before that point it's impossible to know which action to take, and it's a great risk that action would be premature, and could cause more damage than good (now matter how great the 'good intention' from an eager Ego).

Theme(s): deduction, multisensory analysis + Healing

Sherlock Holmes Tarot: Deduction Peeling ('Knight of Pentacles')
"Methodical, Patient, Reliable"
"Maintaining a steady impetus. Seeing things through to the end."
"Taking pride in your investigation"
Reversed: "Often pedestrian, plodding and materialistic, as well as not knowing when to stop." (When the Ego steps in and forces things on - and not do it methodically and patiently)
Healing Tarot: Ten of Wands
"Key phrase: oppression"
"A confrontation is coming with a suppressive person 
Stop blaming yourself and move on
" (Leave the Ego be - don't engage)
Beware, or dis-eases as "...osteoporosis, teeth problems, joint pain, hearing issues, depression, liver problems, blood sugar problems..." my be falling upon you - having been built up over time.
"...the very things that you thought would free you only further imprison you" (from the Ego's point of view - I know current (all) life challenges are necessary Earth School lessons, and fertile soil for equally necessary personal and human growth, evolution and development)
"You are overwhelmed and going in too many directions at once - stop overloading yourself and trying to find answer to every problem has arisen" (Oh, yes - the head is full of 'problems and situations that the Ego wants to solve'..!! It feels out of control, helpless, aimless, alone. While the Soul is quite happy and satisfied with all the things going on, and know that everything is exactly as it should be - and good! Everything is taken care of, and will reveal itself in the right time and place! Below all the Ego-shatter and anxiety everything feels so exciting!! 
"Tackle the most important issue first, and let the rest fall if they must" There you go, Ego - it's just what I've been telling you the last couple of days (too)! But the rest wont 'fall' - they will be done in (more proper) time! And if they really do fall - that's the way it should be - as they are probably unnecessary, or replaced by better/other (more accurate) things/ways!
So you just stay open, present and CHILL - don't take everything so damn personally! ;)

The world is not on your shoulders!
But your own energy, feelings, attitudes, words, actions, behaviour, and the consequences thereof, are - and by taking responsibility of these, you help the world, without carrying it!


Yesterday I was driving in my car, listening to an old MP3-CD. Loud volume Creed (hard rock). Suddenly the player switches over to a love song by a Swedish artist called Magnus Uggla (owl - symbol of "Intuition, ability to see what others do not see"). Google translated:

"The first time you will hold someone in your hand
The first time you will kiss any man
The first time you are
Really in love
Soon that day is here"

Then it switches back to the loud volume Creed.
Minutes after this my car totally looses it's grip on the (apparently icy) road - only to regain it a second later - in a way I never experienced before. No cars around. 
I felt totally calm afterwards - awaken, but calm! I felt watched, and cared for!
It's was like the universe wanted to shake me out of my Ego's incessant and obsessive thinking, and show me:



More snapshots from my life.
Yesterday I attended a phone-meeting-lesson. All day I had the feeling that I should not "share" anything - that I should not speak or make personal reflections. As I, by now, know that I should feel my way forward in new groups and gatherings. Especially if it's important circumstances - that is, groups or contexts that I will meet again and again.
This as I know that my Ego still easily steps in and takes over, and blurt stuff out to new people. Stuff that I don't even agree with (any longer). It still hold on to opinions and attitudes that I don't agree with - and by blurting and acting it out, people get a 'wrong' (outdated) picture of me, that takes time and unnecessary energy to change..! So, it sort of 'makes beds that later I don't want to sleep in'..! (To use a metaphor often used in my home country).
All day before the meeting I had the sensation that I should rather practice listening, and being - rather than talking and thinking. That I should put energy on feeling the group, the context and see how it develops, before I make too much contribution - as to make the right contribution (and not what the Ego wants and might think is the right contribution). 
My need (craving) to talk has diminished greatly the last year(s). As most of the craving was based in a desperate need to be understood - a need I feel less and less. But my Ego still hold on to the need to be understood by others, to a varying degree - the pendulum is still swinging (a pattern that automatically goes on, fuelled by some sort of energy residues). 
But then I also know that there can be other reasons to share - namely that others can benefit from hearing about my unique life story (as compared to just hearing my opinions). That my sharing of course can help others. And I have a feeling that this is my eventual goal - help/support/guide others on the spiritual path. 
I don't know what, how or when to share - but feel quite sure it's not yet the right time - at least not in this particular context. I have to create stability, connection and trust first.

But, as I knew we were "expected to share" in this meeting, I checked with my cards before entering the meeting. A card with ...

"Step back, and observe

...written on it, choose to come up and stare at me!
Thank you, Universe!

My Ego did not feel comfortable after the meeting though.
"Everybody else shared, but not we". (I did share about the card)
"What will the others think".
"You expressed yourself so clumsy..."
"They should know about all the work we've done..."

We're on the right path my friend - you'll see!

Decks #119 and #58: The Sherlock Holmes Tarot and The Healing Tarot