PQ + Judgement, Art of Love + Happy


Themes: Practising Unconditional Love + Happiness

A Simple Experiment:
"embark on an experiment in which you practice only unconditional love for several days. Vow to yourself that you will only allow unconditional loving thoughts to emanate from your consciousness. Make an intense proclamation to live unconditional love. During this time, refuse to have judgemental or critical thoughts. In your quiet time, think only peace and love. In all of your relationships, think and act in only loving ways. Extend loving thoughts and energy wherever and whenever you encounter anyone or anything. Become unconditional love for this period of time."


The cards show a lovey description of how spiritual development works!
The 'fruits that can be harvested' when life is processed with some amount of conscious awareness/presence! 
Jesus was right - The Kingdom of Heaven truly is Within!

Out of the burning feelings of agonising pain (Double-Death), and the deep pit and blind alley of Hopelessness (Gorgon's - Ten of Swords), Love and Happiness (can) springs!

Out of the ashes and flames the reborn Phoenix rises!

Doubly suggested, through the Judgement card (Happy Tarot)..!
Practising Unconditional Love IS, by definition, to live have a non-judgemental look upon life.  
There's nothing good, nothing bad - everything just IS. 
Is there Sunshine outside? Fine by me. Maybe I put on some sunglasses then.
Is it raining outside? Fine by me. Maybe I bring an umbrella if I go out - maybe I stay inside.
I don't have - never had - any conflicts with the weather. 
Quite a waste of energy if you can't change it?!

Practising Unconditional Love - non-judgement is the way to happiness. 
Happiness IS the way, as some phrase it!

Whatever happens, happens.
There are no coincidences. 
Everything has a reason and/or meaning.
Everything has a built-in lesson to be learned.
Life isn't something that 'happen TO me' - I AM life. 

I am here on earth to evolve, grow spiritually and learn about the mysteries of life - and create and contribute with my uniquely given gifts. 


So - I didn't "like" that event/thing "happening to me". It felt like pure Death. Something in me felt like giving up everything.

I could then choose to either stay entangled in that terrible feeling - or I could accept it for what it was. Accept that I once again let something outside me get the best of be.
I then had the choice to stay in that pit (grave) that I voluntarily had jumped into - or I could decide climb out of it!
I then had the choice not judge myself for "falling into the pit again". (self-judgement is as destructive as judging others)
I then had the choice to detach from the feelings - and take back control over them, instead of letting them (keep) control me (that is, "making me" behave in ways I don't want to)
Once detached I could choose to see the event as yet another learning situation - as I deep in my soul know that everything that I experience have lessons inside.
I had the choice to look for the lesson, acknowledge my pain, and focus on healing it instead of (keep) projecting it outwards and pushing the feeling away.
If the pain is in me, it is mine - no one else's. To heal MY pain is MY assignment - not someone else's. Until I befriend my pains they will continue to bother me in one way or another.
Any not acknowledged and/or not accepted pain have the potential to get triggered by outside events/people and take control over me - I prefer it the other way around!

I have chosen to jump into the pit many times before, and I will probably do it many times more. But it 'happens' less and less frequent - and I regain inner balance quicker and quicker when it happens. Faster and faster I am able to turn my "theoretical knowledge" (the knowing that nothing happens by coincidence - that everything is a lesson) into practise!
Everything that "happens" is a part of my life!
It IS Life!

Oftentimes it is these so called 'opinions' that causes me to end up in the pit. When I let my ego's opinions get the best of me.
Opinions truly are heavy burdens, and as it happens (and as all the 'wise people' repeat again and again), life becomes lighter and brighter the more I drop'em!

How does it help to dislike the rain?
How does it help to wanna change it?
It doesn't!
It's judgement - it's deeming somethings that just IS, something neutral, bad.
The energy is better placed elsewhere!

This is true for other things than rain.

When I get caught in my ego's opinion's I often fall back into my old outworn pattern of Victim Mentality at the same time. Which pushes me to jump into that Ten of Swords pit (grave).
Thankfully I now have a fast growing awareness about it all, and also many tools and non-physical guidance I can use to climb out of it - depending how deep the hole is, it just takes more or less time to get out of it :)


My happiness is growing in strength, but I still find it hard to "be unconditional love" when I experience negativity around me, and/or people who also have a pull towards victim mentality. I easily get judgemental, and something in me wants to shake them out of it, make them aware, make them see the greater picture - and "save them from themselves too".
My ego titles these actions "I just want to help".  

"It's not our job to rescue negative people who do not want to save themselves. All we can do is be there, and ensure the negativity doesn't rub off on us. If we get caught up in trying to make them feel better, we can get caught in the chaotic negativity and go down with them.

To know how to deal with negative people who have a victim complex, the best antidote to helping someone who lacks gratitude and self-love is to point out directly that no matter what you say, they always find excuses or find things wrong.

Once they see that they're caught up in the victim mentality, they can own their actual behavior and see how self-defeating it actually is."

"The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion."


Art of Love Tarot: Queen of Trees ('Queen of Pentacles')
"Look into her eye, surrender to her loving ways and let her activate your long-forgotten, earth skills."
"The Queen of Trees loves you as you are."
"Rejoice in your ability to move, touch, smell, see, hear and taste the world that you are a part of."
Happy Tarot: Judgement
"Take a look backward at the choices you've made and what has brought you to this place. Then release the past and be reborn into a happy future."

"You can find happiness through forgiveness, and self-forgiveness."

Decks #10 and #57: Art of Love Tarot and Happy Tarot