Princess of Cups, Urban Tarot


Theme: "coping with society/the ordinaries/the un-awakened"

Card: Princess of Cups - The Costume Designer (not sure what the princess "corresponds to", as the deck court cards are knight, queen, prince and princess. But my guess is Page.
"Having one foot in the dreamy world of Water, and one on the solid surface of Earth, the Princess of Cups has the power to crystallize the stuff of imagination into beautiful reality. A kind and gentle dreamer, the Princess embraces the most positive aspects of the element of Water and then uses them to fuel her creativity. She is a lover of romance, of wonder, and of grand stories."
"There is, of course, a danger in becoming too wrapped up in the world of dreams. Lacking the clarity of Air or the passion of Fire, the Princess needs to keep herself grounded to the real world, or she might find herself trapped in a castle in the sky built of her own imaginings."
"Her surroundings are meager, but her imagination transforms it into center stage."
From The Urban Tarot App