Princess of Pent's + The Tower, Hermetic + Chinese


Themes: "Abstract, complex - beyond comprehension (for the time being)" + "poise, grace"

Hermetic Tarot: Princess of Pentacles - Princess of Echoing Hills
"Kind. Generous. Diligent. Pitiful. Deep concentration. Benevolent. Cautious. Courageous. Persevering."
From the Prism Tarot: "In a reading, this card asks you to reflect on your material, financial, and human potential. What can you do to fully cultivate it? Rather than a specific person, it represents a complete state of being in regards to growth, fertility, prosperity, and practicality. It's an indicator that you are on the right path towards that state, and an invitation to push yourself even further. Open yourself up fully to living in reality, your sensuality, your connection to nature and what it means to be human. Trust yourself and do what is best for your material wellbeing. Never be complacent."
Chinese Tarot: The Tower (R)
There are no people falling out of this tower, only two fellows blasting it down from above.
"Continued oppression. Living in a rut. Entrapment in an unhappy situation." But remaining calm and graceful nonetheless.