Princess of Wands, Maat Tarot


* "truth, justice, and the cosmic order"
* "In Egyptian legends, it is Ma'at who steps in after the universe is created, and brings harmony amidst the chaos and disorder.
* "the female-centered worldview"

Card: Princess of Wands
"She represents a person, place or thing that is full of potential which is as of yet a hidden or untouched, resource."

Seems like the story continues!
The day before yesterday there was the potential for successful shadow work (10 of pentacles, Alchemy), the door/portal there courageously opened the day before that (Strength, Arco Iris). The seed for it probably planted in 4 of Wands, Inner Child, guided by The Star, Alchemy.

Yesterday there was hints of something being born out of sight (Ace of Pentacles, Secret Tarot), and today that potential, or something, slowly takes form?! Something from the Yin-side of life? Maybe some soft and innocent inner quality quieted, and stuffed away, a long long time ago, and therefore a little reluctant and sceptic (afraid) to come out? But something that will contribute to general harmony, order and balance, once recognised and welcomed?

Personally, I remember this sceptic girls face vaguely from a dream a few years ago.  

greens from deck companion

Deck #71: Maat Tarot, I only have the digital version.